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Thursday 31st October

£25 per person

Arrive 7:00pm for 7:30pm

It is a cold and foggy Friday morning in late Autumn, 1938 that you make your way to platform 1b of Little Beeching railway station. Some of you have arrived there in order to work, others in order to catch the 8.30 Exeter to London Express, and others, well……for less obvious and possibly more sinister reasons.

As the train approaches, it is very difficult to make out anyone on the platform, or infact anything else occurring at the station, as the grey mist swirls around you. Then, suddenly, from out of the dense foggy haze, the sound of a womans scream pierces the air…

That was now 8 hours ago and you are still all at the station awaiting not the arrival of any express train, but the arrival of Inspector Rod Coupling. The body of a woman, established to be that of Miss Faye Tality, a parlour maid at Beeching Hall, was found on the track towards the northerly end of the station. It appeared that she had been hit over the head and possibly pushed off the platform into the path of the oncoming 8.30 express train.

Whatever can be detaining the inspector for this length of time?

To keep everyone's spirits up, food will be provided from the dining car – a mixture of first class and creative ration food:


Spiced pumpkin soup

Cajun bread & butter

Seared local pigeon breast

Homemade black pudding, roasted beetroot, beet jus

Salmon & prawn fishcake

Lemon & dill mayonnaise, mixed leaves


Pork loin

Stilton crust, lyonnaise potatoes, braised red cabbage

Poached coley

Crushed new potatoes, charred stem broccoli, spinach, crispy kale, tarragon & butter tomato sauce

Chestnut & celeriac spelt risotto

Wild mushrooms, truffle oil, celeriac crisps


Toffee apple

Roasted apple, toffee sauce, honeycombe ice cream

Chocolate brownie

Caramelised white chocolate mousse, candied peanuts, peanut butter ice cream

Selection of cheese

Celery, our chutney, grapes & biscuits